4 cleaning myths

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Usually on the Internet you can find a wide variety of ideas for cleaning.
Many of your friends also share with pleasure Their household cleaning tips.
It is not easy to assimilate all this information to sift through only beneficial practices.
We will help you as show you 4 popular myths about cleaning.

Myth 1: Each detergent is able to kill all the germs.
Actually, not all detergents are the same. It is not the same if you use antibacterial or disinfectant.
In fact antibacterial agents are designed to kill 99% of bacteria, and disinfectants are able to cope
with a wide range of microbes such as viruses.
Antimicrobials are good for surfaces such as drawers, cabinets and blinds. Disinfectants are perfect
for many more dirty places. You can use them to sink, the bathtub, the bathroom floor and others.

Myth 2: Cleaning Sprays have to be wiped immediately.
Cleaning compounds and components need some time to be in contact with a contaminated surface.
In this way they kill germs more effectively. To make sure you use the product correctly, carefully read
the instructions on the label. In fact antibacterial agents require about 30 seconds to act and disinfectants
should be left for about 10 minutes.

Myth 3: Bleach is an universal cleaner.
Well, bleach is better and less expensive disinfectant, but not the only cleaning solution you need. Widely from
surfaces in your home, do not require disinfection. Furthermore, the bleach has a very strong formula and can be
too strong on natural surfaces such as stone or marble. To be sure that bleach will not damage surfaces to sanitize,
you should try it out in places that are not visible or are hidden from any furniture.

Myth 4: Clean place smells nice.
Cleanliness and fresh smell is not the same thing. The scent comes from natural oils or chemicals which are added perfume.
The fact is that the surfaces are cleaned and does not smell nice and pleasant, does not mean they are not cleaned
and disinfected properly. Regardless of whether the product is perfumed or not it clean in the same way. Remember
that if you or someone in your family is sensitive to strong odors and perfumes or even have allergies or asthma, it
is better to choose unscented detergents (including softeners and detergents).

We`ll be happy if you know and share with us any other cleaning myths.

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