60 Billion Hours Of Home Cleaning

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According to the average data searching for Europe it shows that 60 billion hours are used for housekeeping at home.And from all variety of activities the most unpleasant is the home cleaning.Independently of the age of the women,their occupation,single or married they are united of just one wish:
Stop,we don`t want to be The Cleaning Fairy at home!
In fact the most of them do this job at home but they can`t do it as they desire and found it as an encumbrance not for pleasure.No wonder!Keeping tidy the home,dusting,ironing,washing clothes even with modern equipment and tools makes them nervous.Furthermore their business hours as a housekeeper can take her 20 to 60 hours monthly according to the housekeeping task.
What she can do if she needs to do voluntary or not, with some help or alone?
The most important premise is to target how to do this job.To work energetic and fast or in details and slower?Which activity is more pleasant?Everything depends on the set up and the planning of the cleaning task.Also to know that not everything be done perfect.
Make a surprise to her!
So make her cleaning days easier and take the stress of her,make her happy with a little present by choosing our cleaning services.We provide professional cleaning services in London as an end of tenancy cleaning and steam carpet cleaning services.
We from Maxipowercleaning Ltd can offer you a` To do list` of 8 advices:
1. Don`t be loneliness when you are home alone.
Clean and tidy your home when you are alone and no one obstacle around you
2.Don`t have enough time for cleaning today?
If you know that you don`t have enough time to clean everything today,leave a bathroom(for example) or any other room for the next cleaning day .
3. Loves good music?
Make a nice atmosphere:Turn on the TV or the Radio on your favorite music program.
4.Put on your the most comfortable clothes.
If you have cloths with a lot of pockets on them, they are the best that you can chose. You can put in them some sponges, clothes or kitchen paper that can be nearby with you when you need them.
5. Weight loosing Plan
Take the cleaning job as a Weight loosing program and you have to know that half an hour hoovering is equal on 80 calories loosing,Window cleaning is nearly 100 calories,bed changing is almost 50 calories in minus.
6. From top to the bottom
Start your cleaning job from top to the bottom.Begin from the curtains hoovering to the carpet cleaning,from dusting blinds to windows washing,from general cleaning and finishing with floors wiping or mopping.
7. Cleaning solutions and detergents
Use cleaning solutions or detergents that you well know their efficiency.It will save your cleaning time.Using another unchecked cleaning staff can slow your job and makes you nervous and exhausted from scrubbing.
8. Bad mood
If you are in bad mood this is a proper day to start your home cleaning and to fight the dirt.
9. Deserved gift
At the end of the exhausted cleaning day make a gift to yourself. You can buy a flowers or pick them from the garden.Put them in a beautiful vase and make a nice atmosphere in your already cleaned home.Get some of your favorite chocolates accompanied by a glass of good cooled wine.

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