7 steps for rapid cleaning of the house

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It`s not far that unpleasant time when the end of each season and at the beginning of next we have to change our clothes in the wardrobe, to store toys for children that are now grown and deliverance from what will need to clean thoroughly home. This is a “necessary evil” and as to procrastinate because it will take both time and forces while sort everything in order, it occurs.
My best known friend each fall and spring change completely the curtains and veils of beds, sofas and tables matched the upcoming season. This – after wash all windows, clean all the dust and sort according to their beliefs all the rooms to the closest corner. Alone and proud of her household skills. But some of us just fail with this.
Because you do not have a good plan of action, would have said my friend. But such a plan exists, and we as professional cleaning company will provide it to you.

In our reports a one-bedroom flat cleaning takes between 3and 4 hours. Here’s how they are distributed:
– 30-40 minutes to collect the dust;
– About 60 minutes to clean the kitchen, including stoves;
– About 50 minutes to clean the rooms and corridors;
– 50 minutes for the bathroom.

The fastest way to do this if clean by yourself, but from an educational point of view is valuable to do it with your child – he/she will spill bucket, will want to do things that are not yet in his power ,will slow you down and will actually make a mess, but did not say it, on the contrary, finally thank him for his/her help and rewarded with something interesting!
But to start over:
1.Household cloths and sponges for washing – what and how?

Do not get carried away buying a lot of staff for washing different types of surfaces. The rule for standard cleaning is a preparation for the tiles and kitchen appliances and another for windows.
Use two window and glass cloths – one to rub first with water, the other to dry them, a microfiber kitchen, and a synthetic material that will accelerate work when others absorb moisture.
If you do not have on hand any detergent, use melamine sponge that can scrub contaminated hard surfaces without preparation.
sponges and cloths by Maxipowercleaning Ltd
Such a sponge may be used every day for a variety of surfaces with the exception of those which are in contact with food stuffs. The only minus of melamine sponge that quickly wears out.

2.What are the most labor-intensive places?
Most effort and time lost when cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, because they are the most polluted places in the home. So leave enough time to clean the sinks, tub and shower and separate – more so, to deal with kitchen appliances – refrigerator and stove. You can clean the microwave by placing a bowl with water and lemon juice and turn it on for 8-10 minutes. Then, when the water evaporates, you just have to rub moisture from the oven walls with a cloth.
Incidentally, instead of lemon you can use vinegar – it perfectly removes unpleasant odors.

3.Where to start?
Of the cleanest rooms in the house and finish with the dirtiest. Generally the sequence is a bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, balcony / s, bathroom, toilet. In the process of cleaning you will replace the water in the bucket and wet sponges to clean many times, so the bathroom and toilet should wash your last. And the more often you change the water and towels to clean that, the faster you will achieve desired result and in fact you can save time.

4.How to clean the dust?
Use in each room the principle of top to the bottom: start with any cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, walls, furniture and finally the floor to collect the maximum amount of dirt and dust.
More convenient to clean furniture with a cloth dampened with water . To clean the TV screen and computer monitor you need soft tissue and antistatic spray.

tv dust cleaning by Maxipowercleaning Ltd

5.Dispose more!
The optimal way to speed up the process of cleaning is one – to release the home of everything unnecessary. Then you will not have to move things from place to another place, and then returning them to their original position at each cleaning. If you can not apart with useless things once, create a habit each week to get rid of some amount of things that you do not use – broken old radio, antediluvian souvenirs and whatever else you do not look for years.

dispose of the old staff by Maxipowercleaning Ltd

6.Choose cleaning solutions with less foam
This should explore in advance – what preparations do less foam because the large amount of foam usually takes longer to wash.
For example, to clean the shower helps ordinary vinegar – dip handset shower in a bowl of vinegar for 4 hours and then rub and wash with water.
Shower descaling at home by Maxipowercleaning

7.Leave the spots for professionals
Do not agonize yourself by rubbing old stains on soft furnishings and carpets. Any contamination requires different and special solution for cleaning, and the universal preparation for furniture and fabrics can not obliterate them as it will make a professional cleaner. So if soiled carpets and upholstery and couches are important and you want to keep them for long, do not experiment with improper household cleaning product, do not skimp and call a professional carpet cleaners

We use the latest cleaning solutions and equipment to make your carpets and upholstery clean.Just give us a call
for a free quote.

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