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The carpet is the most common flooring in Europe.
Carpet is already produced by modern technology for production and meet increasingly
higher quality requirements. Moreover, the choice of
carpet market is large, not only in terms of color, but also regarding to structure,
density and design. Compared to other flooring, carpet features
with many practical advantages that make it a good choice for your home, hotel or office.
Among them we can mention:
– good thermal and sound insulation and significant
energy efficiency,reduction of the noise level of hard flooring such as tiles,
terracotta and marble is from 5 to 15dB. Carpet absorption of noise
is 25 to 30 dB, as moreover,
holds 15% of the heat inside the room.
– More safety -the carpet is not slippery floor,
and by fall, softens the blow. It is therefore suitable for families with young children.
– Absorbing pollutants and better air quality in the room.
In the production contemporary carpets undergo treatment with a special protective
coating. This makes them resistant to contamination, prevent retention of mites and the
development of allergies.
Appropriate carpet cleaning is what will extend the
life of your carpet.
For this reason, we can offer you our professional cleaning services that will not only enjoy your flooring for a long time,
but will keep the color of the carpet sparkling and fresh.

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