Advantage of the carpet paths and rugs

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No frequent and costly repairs!

Placing the trail on the stairs or in the hallway
is an easy way to protect flooring from wear. Thus you
add another protective layer on the floor, the two surfaces are complementary and
thus increase their life. Otherwise, the path
will fade more difficult and laminate flooring will be scrubbed harder.
Thus not only will keep your floor surface, but in the long
plan will reduce costs for replacement.
Moreover, the path will protect your laminate flooring from scratches, especially
in during the winter months or rainy days when all have mud or sand
in his shoes.
Accident prevention: Carpet and carpet runners
can help to prevent damage to the main floor,
but they also will protect you from some common accidents:

– When sliding wooden flooring is worn or parquet
is hardwood and mounted soon, the danger is too slippery.
This can be extremely dangerous for small children or the elderly.
You can avoid this by placing the trail, and full security
You can insert and anti-slip grid below. So you can be sure
that you, your family and guests safe.

– When you have a pet, you can not always avoid
incidents. Using carpet path will serve as a barrier between
wooden floor and nails the dog or your cat and thus animals
will not scratch or wet. Furthermore, the soft floor coverings are cleaned
easily and thus save costs and nerves.

– Soundproofing steps in
wooden floor can be deafening, especially if you’ve had a hard day and you want
silence and peace. Putting the trail is a great way to isolate noise.
Designer trails Like rugs, runners not only protect the wooden floor, but bring beauty and elegance in the interior.
They add emphasis in the corridor
or stairs, original flooring becomes bright background. The combination of comfort
and as a natural look that gives the laminate and the dynamics and diversity of colors
and forms the path contribute to a stylish interior with a brilliant personality and beauty.
But not only the stairs and hall can be covered with trails. With their help you
Revitalize vision throughout your home. The variety of sizes
(According to your specific needs) and design (from monochrome models to complex shapes and figures)
your only limitation is your imagination.

And note the beautiful carpet is the clean carpet.Don`t wait to be too dirty to clean it.
We are recommending to steam cleaning your carpet every 6 months to keep it alive for long time.
Book now carpet cleaning with us for 2 rooms and get 3rd for free.Offer expires on 25.06.2016

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