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Regular carpet maintaining is the most important for the hygiene in your home.Vacuuming the carpets is not enough to say `My carpets are brilliant clean`. Hoovering the carpets can get rid of dust,dirt and small bitts only on the upper surface of them but it doesn`t do properly clean.The real dirt is deep inside built up day by day.

Shampooning will get in deep and remove the embedded dirt, dust, debris and other unpleasant stuff which accumulates over time and leave it fresh and fragranced.

All the carpet manifacturers advices as an after care for your carpets to steam clean them at least once per year.This maintaining will extend their life and you can afford them for long time.

We have the pleasure to provide professional carpet steam cleaning services in London.Our carpet cleaning services are carried out by professional experienced carpet cleaning technicians at the comfort of your home or office.
We use amazing heavy duty industrial carpet cleaning equipment and wide range of eco-friendly chemicals designed especially for professional carpet cleaning.We are proud of providing one of the latest and modern method of carpet cleaning-steam cleaning ,also known as Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning.
This is the best way to get rid of all the dirt embedded into your carpets and rugs from top to the bottom of their fibres.
By the help of the high pressure the carpets are injected with hot and desinfecting waterbased solution(20*C,30*C,60*C or more depending of the nature and texture of the carpets) and after that double vacuuming system collect all the dirt and excess water ensuring your carpets are left as clean and dry as possible.This technique it the only one way for carpet cleaning with no residue of cleaning agents.This means that there is nothing left into the carpets from the chemicals that can be dangerous or harm you and your family.
Thankfully to this powerful twin vacuuming system the drying time is lowered to the minimum possible-avarage fully drying time is about 2h to 4h after the cleaning depending of the fabric and the structure of the carpets.
According to our professional experience,achieving the highest standard and perfect quality carpet cleaning service the estimated time for cleaning of one double room is about 20 minutes.This time is not limited due to an extra factors which may occure-moving small objects,heavily soiled carpets or special treatment requirements needed.
All the times heavily soiled carpets and these that were not steam cleaned
for couple of years needs more attention and extra agitating.This means that all of our carpet cleaning services in which we are involved are with strongly individual treatment.

The removal of stains is the most common problem that the carpet cleaning is facing to.So it is included in our carpet cleaning services with no extra cost.

Unfortunately we can`t guarantee that all the marks will gone due to their specific nature .Sometimes there is marks classified as damage-burnt marks or these treated previously with unprofessional products bought from the local supermarket and so on.But we promise to do all of our best to leave your carpets brilliant clean and spottless.

What you can find with us:

# Convenient slots for carpet cleaning
# Powerfull professional industrial equipment with high pressure and built in heater(If you don`t have running hot water this will not be a trouble for our carpet cleaners)
# Individual treatment
# Experienced Carpet Cleaning technicians
# Drying time in about couple of hours
# Clean,Fresh and Desinfected Carpets at home


*MINIMUM CHARGE OF £50.00 Per booking required for carpet,rugs,upholstery and mattress cleaning

*Our cleaners can move only lightweight furniture.Due to Health and Safety reasons the carpet cleaning technician will not be able to move furniture that requires more than one person- as big beds,wardrobes,heavy furniture.

*If the customer property is above the second floor of a bulding with no lift an extra charge of £15.00 will apply.


£18.00 – Single Bedroom

£21.00 – Double Bedroom

£32.00 – Extra Large Bedroom(King room)

£25.00 – Lounge/Single size Living room

£25.00 – Dining room

£38.00 – Through lounge

£19.00 – Flight of stairs-up to 12 steps

£12.00 – Hallway

£9.00 – Landing

£7.00 – Bathroom

£12.00 – Small Rug

£18.00 – Medium Rug

£24.00 – Large Rug

Customer reviews:

Thank you Maxipowercleaning

5 5 1
This company cleaned the carpet in my house and definitely I'm very happy. I don't believe that all the rooms can be cleaned properly cause there was a lot of marks.But They did it. No dirt, no marks and I received a brilliant clean carpet.Definitely I will use them again when I moving out and for another service as end of tenancy cleaning.

Perfect carpet cleaning !

5 5 1
Maxi power cleaning has done a great job with our carpet !! We really recommend them!! Very professional ! Thank you once again ! For sure we will use your service all the time we need !

Carpet cleaning

5 5 1
Absolutely fantastic service. My carpet has never been sooooo clean. Amazing thank you so much. Highly recommended

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