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Carpets become dirty quickly. They are constantly collecting dust, settling mud into their fibres and nursing pet hair. At Maxi Power Cleaning, we believe that cleaning them shouldn’t be a chore, so call upon our carpet steam cleaning service in London.

We’re dedicated to providing quality steam cleaning at affordable prices. Not only with the best equipment, but from operatives with experience in making every carpet look like brand-new again. We use the steam cleaning method because it lifts out more dirt and more dust than traditional carpet cleaning.

Hoovering is great for cleaning up crumbs and debris left on the floor, but it doesn’t mask what is beneath the surface. Your carpets harness a whole host of dirt that can only be removed by our professional service.

Our team can perform on specific parts of your property or your whole home. This steam carpet cleaning will use a shampooing effect on the fibres of your carpet and ensure that every piece of dirt is cleared from the floor.

Using our powerful extraction machines, it will massage and lift stains from your carpet. We provide this service across London for flats, apartments and homes both commercially and domestically.

To find out more, get in touch with our team today.

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