Comprehensive End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

 In Comprehensive End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

If you’re moving out of your student home to let the new breed of student in before September, you’re going to want a professional company to ensure you get your deposit back in one piece. At Maxi Power Cleaning, we are dedicated to end of tenancy cleaning in London with a comprehensive checklist.

After living in a property for any length of time, you will get used to the dirt and uncleanliness that defines renting a home. Landlords are always looking for something you’ve missed and they’ll latch onto any mistake you make.

That’s why we used a definitive checklist that makes every end of tenancy cleaning job we do standard and thorough. Every skirting board is cleaned, all surfaces are polished and fridges are completely rejuvenated.

Don’t waste the last days in your home with scrubbing scale from your shower screen or trying every home remedy to remove the stains from your oven, let our team sort it all out for you.

Throughout London, we have been providing this definitive cleaning service for students and tenants that require our experience and superior cleaning equipment.

To discover how easy it is to have our team clean your home from bottom to top, visit our website to see our checklist. If you’d like to get a quote for your job, get in touch with us today.

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