Easy and Efficient Washing Windows at Home

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We all know that all the year, both internal and external sides of the home windows accumulate dirt, dust and other contaminants that obscure the view.

Over time, all that dirt accumulates and forms layers that not only prevent us from seeing, but also spoil the appearance of our homes. In this article we have prepared several proven practices and advice, which will clean your windows much easier and at times more effectively.

Wash windows on a cloudy, humid day

It may seems strange that we advise you to take action in these weather conditions, but behind this advice stand some arguments. If you wash windows on a sunny day, they will quickly dry under the influence of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Consequently, the drying will appear ugly streaks as you are not polished window of time.

When washing windows, cleaning agent flows down. The direction of washing should always be at the top of the window down to wash down the drops from the previous motion and so on until disappear.

What to use for washing windows?

Perhaps you expect to share the brand of the preparation which wash best? We will not do it and not because we want to promote a product (however these are tips), but because most efficient detergent remains a solution of vinegar and water. The proportions are – two tablespoons of white vinegar diluted in one liter of water, instead of vinegar can also use lemon juice. This solution will provide impeccably clean and leave strips on the glass surface and will certainly save you money.

To polish the already clean window, use a cotton microfiber cloth. An old shirt or towel will do a great job. Make sure the fabric has no dust or dirt, stains and polish the window, through a circular motion.

And last but not least – be careful when cleaning windows. If you use ladder or chair on which step, make sure they are fastened securely.

If you don`t like windows wiping just book us for one-off cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning and we`ll do this for you.

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    If you think cleaning windows is easy, think again. This article will tell you that there are steps that you need to consider in cleaning every window in your home. Follow these tips so that you can make your window and your home as a whole look at its best.

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