Easy cleaning tricks- Part 3

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In the previous two parts we shared with you some of our easy cleaning tricks. In this part we`ll post some more of them.You know the experience educated so if you do some experiments sometimes some of them can be used twice.So these are our advices:
-Try to work with cloths in both hands.You can achieve this in a few times but it`s efficiency is great.
-If your walls are washable, we can advice you to start from bottom to the top.In this way you will avoid seeping the dirt.
-Using a no foaming agents is always preferable.
-Open boxes and packs with cleaning products which can be spilled only at the sink to avoid any additional cleaning of the spillage.
-If you drop some food or drinks on the carpet(rug) put some backing soda or Soda Water to prevent unremovable mark.
-Use all the equipment and tools in the most safety way. Do not use any ladders that are unsecured,steps or chairs.And the slightest negligence can cost you more.
– Keep an eye on the innovations.Sometimes the technology can offer you a products that can save your time and to make your cleaning more pleasant.

We`ll be very happy if we can some of your experienced tricks for easy and efficiently cleaning.

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