End Of Tenancy Cleaners London

 In End Of Tenancy Cleaners London

Your deposit is all that matters as you reach the final stage of your tenancy agreement. Therefore, cleaning your property is of paramount importance to make sure your landlord returns your money. At Maxi Power Cleaning, we specialise in providing end of tenancy cleaners in London for your property.

Over any period of time, mess builds up and cleaning them off with a wet cloth isn’t going to do the job. You’re going to need professional cleaners that know exactly what landlords are looking for. Most are looking for the same things; window sills sparkling, limescale removed from bathrooms, defrosted and deeply cleaned refrigerators as well as grime-free extractor fans.

If you’ve already spent the deposit money in your head by treating yourself to a holiday or placing a deposit elsewhere, you will need our expert team and latest cleaning equipment to get the job done. We have a checklist of things we look out for to ensure that your property and rooms look spotless.

We are happy to perform jobs on University homes, halls of residencies and flats across London and will ensure you get a competitive price for the job. Get in touch with us to get a quote about your property depending on the number of rooms you have. Ring us on 07455987872 to find out more.

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