How to clean easy the extractor filters

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Most likely many of you never even thought it must clean hood of the stove,
and perhaps a very large proportion of those who still have ever decide to do so,
do so rarely that the probable not even remember the last time it clean.

However hood is part of your home and as everything else requires regular maintenance
and thorough sanitation. And do you remember when was the last time you cleaned your hood?

The truth is that one of the main features of this device is to attract the fat that would
otherwise sticking to the cupboards and the ceiling. Because, naturally, each dish with its
vapors separated and a small amount of fat, but this could easily lodge anywhere in different
places of your apartment if it were not this smart device.

Many people complain that their hood does not function well. In most cases the reason is that he
is so layered with fat irregular or even any cleaning that can not take anything more. If we’re startled,
quick to reassure you that cleaning is actually simple and should not be afraid.

First you need to remove the filters from the hood. Allocate screws on hand not search for
them later(if it have screws of course). Fill a bucket or sink with boiling water. Remember – the hotter and
even boiling water is better.

Add a little detergent for washing dishes and quarter cup of baking soda to the hot water. Use a wooden
spoon to mix well and make plenty of foam and bubbles. Do not do it by hand because hot water will burn you.
Immerse grease filters in the water and let them have been there approximately 10 minutes to soak well.

Ten minutes later, you can check whether the water allows you to dig into it and if not already so hot you
can catch the filter, which until now will soak pretty well and rub it with a stiff brush. Put another washing
dishes liquid and rub until you see that it is completely clean. Once washed from all filth, the filter should be
rinsed with hot water. At the end you should dry it with kitchen paper.

Even dried, it is better to leave it for half an hour. When it is completely clean and dry again you can return it
to its old place. It is better to start doing this once every few months, but if you think you need, you can do it more often.

Or you can book any of our cleaning services and we can do it for you with pleasure.
In our End of tenancy cleaning service the extractor filters and the hood is a part our priority during the kitchen area cleaning.

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