How to clean your home with vinegar

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1.Eliminate unpleasant smell of your home as trying to wipe all surfaces with natural vinegar
and spray from it in the corners of the rooms.
The vinegar smell will gone after a couple of minutes if left a window open
but unpleasant odor will gone.

2.Clean and remove the mould smell of your fridge as you wiped all the shelves,containers for food
and boxes with damp in vinegar cloth.

3.You don`t have to use strong and smelly liquid to unblock and clean the kitchen drain .
Just put 3/4cup of tea baking soda and pour 1/2 cup of tea natural vinegar.
Left to stay at least 30 mins then poor with hot water.

4.How to clean your washing machine from the limescale without expensive chemicals?
We know and we`ll tell you.
The only one thing that you need you have it in the kitchen cupboard.This is the vinegar.
Set your washing machine on 60` cycle and add half a cup of vinegar in the rinsing section
of the drawer and the limescale will gone. Repeat every two weeks to clean
and prevent building of the limescale in your washing machine.

5.How to clean your kettle from the limescale?
Just Fill 1/3 of it with vinegar add some cold water to the half of the kettle and boil
the liquid. If there is still limescale repeat this once again.And your kettle will be
as brand new. To keep your kettle brilliant for long time
we can advice you to clean it this `coctail`every week.

6.Dishwasher trick
if your dishwasher didn`t do a good job as you would like just put the tablets
and add 2 cups of white vinegar and afford of the result.

You can use these easy trick for your regular cleaning at home.But if you need a help from professionals
just give us a call or email us. We can help you with pleasure for your end of tenancy cleaning,carpet cleaning or if you would like to refresh your upholstery

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