How to fight the bad smelling carpets

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Over time, the smell of the carpet can be changed,
and quite often become even repulsive. The reason is that the carpet is
accumulate various bacteria and germs – mites, which can be dangerous to health.
Here are some tips on how to successfully fight this problem.
 -Fresh Air: Frequent ventilation of the room is essential.
Air exchange prevents mites spread and largely removes them.
 For this purpose should be done across the course. Open at least two counter-up windows or
window and door for at least 10 minutes. You can use and a fan as well.The fan in this time
facilitates freshening the room.
Carpet cleaning: No need your carpet to have visible spots to clean it.Using a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner
It is very effective in removing odors.
 -Green plants: Plants in pots are natural air fresheners.
The best plants are Ficus, lily, aloe.

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