My mom`s easy cleaning tips-Part 2

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In the previous post we shared for you some easy and practical tips for your domestic cleaning
that we know from our mothers, grandmoms,aunties.
Today we would like to present you another 3 tips which you can try at home:

4.The Alcohol is not only for drinking. You can clean and disinfect of course your bathroom.
If you spray at the tile joints with vodka and leave for 10-15min you can clean easily,fast and without any troubles from the soap scums.
The curious thing is that it acting into dried soap remains and destroying them.

5.You adore your pet at home. But you can rid of the hair all around the house.
There is very very simple way to do this from curtains,sofas and carpets.Just put a rubber glove on on of your hand and try to wipe
the place with the hair.The static electricity will be your helper.
It will make the hair to stick on the glove and you will solve the problem for this week.

6.You know that fizzy drinks are not to good for your stomach,teeth your good looking.
Did you heard about new Coca Cola application at home?
The most of us are met in the social network that if we drop a tooth in glass of Coca cola it will be destroyed after a few hours.
Do you know that you can clean and polish your silver rings and bracelets
only with damp with Coca cola cotton cloth.Unbelievable but it works.

We will be happy if you can share with us some trick from your mum.

We would like to advice you that this trick are not professional solutions and we can`t guarantee 100%
perfect cleaning.
If you need your home professional cleaned, to not hesitate to contact us.
We providing bespoke cleaning services-end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning-everything that you need up to the standard that will meet your inventory clerk`s check and you can relax and enjoy your time.

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