My Mom`s tips for home cleaning -Part 1

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The most of us knows that sometimes the most useful tricks and advices
are from the experience of our mum and grandmother.
There is some proved sentences for housekeepers,that are not based on searching and innovations.
They are confirmed in the years of attempts at home cleaning.

1.Keep your cleaning materials at a handy places
We mean that if you keep in more than one places your microfiber cloths,brushes, dusters and cleaning solutions,
there the chances to use them are much more than if you hold them in only one place as underneath the kitchen sink.
And if you find a mark or some dirt that you do not like they are nearby and you don`t need to wasting time
to get them from the ground floor cupboard.They will be nearby you.

2. Do you reading newspapers while you travel by bus or tube?Do not leave them on the sit behind you
or the first bin you face with.
Just bring them with you at home.
To clean the mirrors in the bathroom or living room is not too difficult if you don`t have a special window microfiber cloth.
Just get some sheets, spray small amount of any alcohol that you have in the bar as Vodka or whiskey and wipe with the newspaper.
You will be amazed of the result. It will be better than window cleaning solutions at the supermarket.

3.You brushing your teeth everyday two or three times,right.The toothpaste can do miracles not only with your teeth.
For these purposes you don`t need an expensive toothpaste with many colors or to cover too much criterias for your health.
You need the basic one.The white one. The low-cost in the off license shop.
You can clean and remove the marks of your favorite white trainer shoes.
Juts put a peace amount on the marks and rub it.
You can use it and to polish the stainless steel areas.They will go shiny as brand new.

Stay on the wave with us to see the other tricks that we know.

But if you need professional service-end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning for your home and need it cleaned up to the standards just get in touch with us.

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