Not to forget,Plan for moving

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Before moving:
* Contracts,services,addresses
-New Agreement to be signed
-The old one to be cancelled

All things to be clarified with the landlord
* Change of address within the municipality:
The terms in each city are different
Change of address: Send your new address to all friends, family and institutions that work.
Do a redirect mail , cost a little, but saves a lot of troubles.
* Copies: you need to keep important documents. Simply copy and store in a safe place.
* All bills must be paid.

Packaging and clear the storage spaces:

-The closet, sheds,garage to be released.
If during the cleaning you are wondering for some object more than two seconds,
then it is rubbish.

-Release of refrigerators: two weeks before the moving out date start with
things that are inside.Do not buy more food. Use this from the previous shopping.
-Packing material: you need more boxes than you think! Much more.
Packaging: The weight of the boxes must be checked constantly. Your assistants
will have to run a lot if something is broken, and everything falls apart.
-Important documents should be packed separately.
Flowers: Irrigate them one more time and wrap in foil.
Pets: The best you can do for them is before moving starts is to bring them in your new home.
If there is no such possibility, then let them with any friend or neighbor until you move everything.
-Clothes, transporting them in large, stable bags.

-Drawers: if you need to transport the furniture that you can not dismantled
stuck doors and drawers hard to not open up until carrying.
-Boxes: Every package must be written content and purpose.
Example: “Rug, storage’,`crockery,kitchen`. As well you can take a pic of them until they are open and can stick photos on top.

And finally after you did the hard and important job with the stuff is time for cleaning the property.
The most of the landlords and estate companies required to receive a professional cleaned property
which is ready to move in for the new tenant.So you have to search for reliable
company to provide you the best quality end of tenancy cleaning services.
And finally the good old Neighbors: Say goodbye to them and open your heart to meet new ones.

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