Professional Cleaning Company or Housekeeping Lady?

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When it comes to cleaning the house every housewife gives everything, but above all else is a mother and working woman. This is why women sometimes physically not able to cope with the numerous obligations. In such moments the companies for cleaning and domestic helpers are extremely important. In case you are wondering which of the two versions is – felicitous, but we can confirm that one and another is accompanied by its own advantages and disadvantages.

To chose between professional cleaning company or housekeeping lady is not to easy.
Logically, we as a house cleaning company to support the cleaning company.But we will not do this because we realized that the situation is more complicated that it seems to be.All of the mentioned options have is strong and week side.So we would like to make a comparison between the choice of the professional cleaning company and the cleaning lady.

Professional cleaning companies
There is a lot of professional cleaning companies in London. The competition is so high that you can be sure that your home will never stay uncleaned and dirty.There are many companies offering quality cleaning services for apartments, houses, yards … Depending on the needs of your home professional cleaning companies offer specialized equipment and skilled cleaners who do precision work with harmless to your health preparations. Cleaning companies have large teams very suitable for cleaning large objects. The company offers professional cleaning, among other things, adopt and complaints. If it turns out that the work is not done according to your expectations and the highest standard every company offers compensation. For some it is to re-cleaning, while others return of the amount paid. In the unforeseen accidents firms always offer compensation to customers, which can not be said for the housekeeper.This is a precondition for high quality cleaning services.The cleaning companies have enough cleaning staff to accept a cleaning job for a huge project and complete it in the estimated time.

Housekeeping lady
Professional cleaning company or housekeeper by Maxipowercleaning ltd
The advantage to hire a housekeeping lady :pay for a small amount. What lies some danger is that many people can pretend to be professional cleaners, but almost none of them has a license, not rented office ,do not have a company and do not pay insurances and taxes. It is generally quite difficult to find cleaner meets all these conditions. But that does not mean that you will not find someone to clean your home. In any case, you will find a cleaning lady, which in addition to clean will help with cooking, laundry, shopping and a bunch of other chores. A huge risk is the fact that with the housekeeper did not sign any contract and it remains a matter of trust. What will happen if she`s not available at the time that you need her , what will you do then?
From the other aspect the housekeeping lady can not operate in a big properties which needs more than one operatives or to do the job to high standard.The most housekeepers do not give a guarantee for the job completion to the highest standard and in case that they do not have any contract with the client they can leave the job when you desperately need her.
Operating with low quality cleaning chemicals or solutions can lead to allergy ( especially babies and young children). Usage of poor quality can damage either your carpets,rugs or upholstery.
If the price of the cleaning service is determinated or you need a helper in the kitchen the housekeeping lady is your choice.Customers interested more in the quality of the cleaning services or the guarantee for the completed job must pay attention to the professional cleaning companies.

So if you`re moving your home or just need professional cleaning just get in touch with us.
We can meet you needs with a high quality professional cleaning services in London such as end of tenancy cleaning, pre tenancy cleaning or steam carpet cleaning.

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