Useful cleaning rules-Part 1

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Home cleaning is very tiring and not too pleasant job.This is good known by the housekeeping wives.
This is why that you can act as an every serious and responsible work- with definite target planned in advance and maximum
saving of time and labour applying the most effective technologies.
– Do not start with cleaning if you don`t have enough power or time but don`t forget as well if your home is less dirty it will be easier.
Make your plan for cleaning-deep or routine cleaning;whole property at this time or every room separately;
with what you would like to start and with what you`ll finished you cleaning time;
which tools ans cleaning staff you`ll need to get them in hand;
Make a to do list If you have a friend with you or member of the family who`s like to join your
job-to avoid interfering and doing some cleaning parts twice.
-You planning job will be do easily if you get dressed properly-we can suggest you to put on apron
with as much more small or big pockets on it to put kitchen paper,cloths, sponges or small cleaning gadgets
or either bin bags for the litter will be helpful for you.You`ll be surprised how many needless kilometers and time will save.
– Use to work with rubber or latex gloves-they not only keep your hands looks good and save you time and money to visit your manicurist.
-And if you love to listen music,why don`t you turn on the radio? It will make a good mood and rhythm in your cleaning day.

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