Useful Cleaning Rules-Part 2

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-Before start with the general cleaning of any room you have to do one important thing at first-
tidy it,put everything on the right place and throw away the rubbish
-The powerful hoover is a better helper.Use all the accessories provided with the instruction booklet.
Put all the parts in one plastic bag and move them with you room by room to avoid long looking for them when you need them.
-Do not mislead yourself with saving of staff. Use not only the old cloths but buy a special microfiber cloths,
good quality sponges,chamois cloth and etc.The big cloth is always preferable cause with one move you can clean
larger area.
-For the windows and mirrors use squeegee.Damp the window then wipe with it.If there is any water traces wipe with cotton microfiber cloth.
And the most important thing for great results is :
* Use only clean clothes and sponges.If they are not you will only spread the dirt everywhere.
If you need a professional cleaning advice just get in touch with us!

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